Working Memory

Working Memory

At Sticklepath Community Primary Academy we are currently working with an Achievement for All coach to ensure our school is:-

• A school in which all vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people can develop their skills, interests and capabilities to achieve.


• A school where the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and their families are transformed by raising educational aspirations, access and achievement.

Our Achievement for All Project is focused around developing Working Memory capacity for children who are performing below age related expectations.

Working memory is the ability to hold and manipulate information in the brain over short periods of time. The purpose of the working memory project is to support children in knowing what they have to do to remember and giving them strategies to remember that will assist them in the classroom. We know from current research that combining working memory and memory for meaning boosts memory performance dramatically. A good working memory is crucial in becoming a
successful learner and that is what our project aims to achieve.