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Catering and lunchtimes

Sticklepath prides itself on the fabulous in-house catering that we can offer our pupils and staff. The award winning catering team*, led by our catering manager Kath Hanlon, source the best local food and make 'mouth-watering' meals and desserts throughout the year. There are often 'themed' lunchtimes that link to our flexible curriculum or national events that are occuring at the time. The highlight of the year is our Christmas lunch that creates a special moment of memorable magic that delights all in our school community. 
*Winner of the LAC national in-house catering award 2015. 

Sticklepath aims to reduce its carbon footprint by supporting local businesses and making sure that we use the best quality ingredients in our menus.
Thank you to all of our incredible suppliers that make this possible. Here is a message from them:


David Griggs Potatoes

David Grigg Potatoes
Myself and my son James are the surviving members of a vast generation of potato farmers at Eastleigh manor Farm. 
Our potatoes are hand-graded and packed on the farm. We are delighted to supply Sticklepath Academy with our locally grown fresh produce. 

Peter & Carol with Jerseys

Stapleton Farm 
All our products are made with local, grass-fed Jersey cows’ milk. We use Jersey cows’ milk because we think is the absolute best with its high levels of protein and calcium. Our yogurt and ice cream are produced in small batches to preserve their natural structure avoiding the need for artificial stabilisers and all our compotes and sauces are prepared by hand in the dairy kitchen.
We are proud to supply Sticklepath with our yogurt and ice-cream. 

Frank Heards Butchers

Frank Heards Butchers  
Darren and Mark have owned the business for the past 12 years after over 40 years of working in the organisation starting off as apprentices to the man himself - Mr Frank Heard! 
We pride ourselves on supplying meat to an exceptionally high standard and we are passionate about keeping food local. Sausages, puddings and faggots are all made on site and we offer a free delivery service. 

Boundstone Farm Eggs

Boundstone Farm Eggs  
The Stevens family produce home reared hens fed on home grown corn, resulting in fantastic eggs that are probably some of the most carbon neutral you can buy. 
We are proud to supply Sticklepath with our eggs. 

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