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Sticklepath Community Primary Academy’s Nursery, catering for two to five year olds. Sessions are held in a purpose built playroom within the Children’s Centre located on the school site, providing a large, safe and hygienic environment for the children.


Sticklepath Community Primary Academy

For children to learn and develop in a safe and nurturing environment where all children and their families feel welcome and included.

In our Nursery we have created a curriculum called Language Led Learning (LLL). 
At Sticklepath Community Primary Academy, we recognise how important it is to develop a child's vocabulary as early as possible. Research shows that those children with larger vocabularies by the age of five show greater academic success throughout their time in school and in later life.
Our aim within the nursery is to ensure that our children develop a wide vocabulary whilst with us and to provide the children with a vocabulary-rich learning environment, and one of the ways we provide this is via weekly concepts.
We have identified a list of key concepts and have created a list of age-appropriate vocabulary for each concept. Each week our planning is based around the language for one of these key concepts. The texts, provision and learning provocations are planned to enable frequent modelling and use of the concept language through high quality interactions and planned teaching opportunities. 
Concepts are revisited each term to support children’s language development by building upon the prior understanding and experience of the concept language covered previously. 

Each child is also supported by a key person enabling an immediate point of contact from induction through to transition to school and the child’s next stage of learning. Children benefit most from their pre school education when parents and families work together in partnership for the best outcomes of each child.

Contact Number: 01271 342455

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