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Chgildren at play on mat


Passionate about emotional development

The THRIVE programme is designed to promote the emotional development of children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH). THRIVE is effective in improving certain emotional and behavioural outcomes for children.


Through the implementation of the THRIVE programme we have observed changes in pupils’ emotional well-being over time in terms of  resiliency and ‘emotional reactivity’ as well as changes in emotional and social skills which enable pupils to engage in learning in a mainstream classroom environment (readiness to learn).

The THRIVE programme borrows from a range of research and theory around neuroscience, child development, attachment theory and the role of creativity and play. It can be described as a school based intervention which aims to support children by addressing core relational and developmental features. THRIVE is based on the understanding that for a child to develop a healthy ability to adapt to his or her social environment they must have experienced a sensitive, responsive and caring relationship with a significant carer/parent. THRIVE assumes that a child moves through a number of clearly defined stages of emotional development.


The THRIVE approach in school uses a computer based assessment, which relies on pupil observations, to identify specific ‘interruptions’ in emotional development.  Then, through targeted relational experiences of being in relationship with another human being, school staff work with children and parents to promote development.

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