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School uniform at Sticklepath Primary
We take pride in our school


  • Black or Grey Trousers, Shorts, Pinafore or Skirt

  • White shirt, blouse or polo shirt

  • Red cardigan or sweatshirt

  • Black school shoes – no trainers, heels or flip flops

  • Summer – red checked dress (optional)

  • Book Bag (red)

  • Polo shirts and School Cardigan/Sweatshirts with the school logo

All items are available from School Threads, go to We strongly encourage children to wear sweatshirts or cardigans embroidered with the school logo.

P.E Kit

  • Trainers (with Velcro for younger children)

  • Red school P.E. T Shirt – available from the school office

  • Shorts – black

  • Joggers/Tracksuit/Leggings and a warm jumper for outdoor lessons especially in the cold weather - (any dark colour)

  • Boot bag - (preferably black or red)

  • Drawstring PE bag

Red school P.E. T-shirts with the school name logo can be ordered from the school office. We strongly encourage children to wear these.

Reception children do not require a full P.E. Kit until the week after February half term. They will need trainers (not plimsolls) from September and a boot bag.

Children must change for indoor and outdoor P.E. Their kit should be put in a drawstring PE bag; these are obtainable from School Threads online, please click on the uniform button on our home page.

Unnamed lost property items are located in a trunk opposite the Co-Headteacher's office. All unclaimed items are recycled half termly.


Jewellery and earrings other than studs and watches should not be worn. Sorry – we cannot take responsibility for finding lost jewellery.  Children must remove any jewellery before PE lessons. Earrings that cannot be removed must be taped up.

Toys/Personal Items

As a general rule, we strongly discourage children from bringing in toys, etc. to school and cannot accept responsibility for any that become lost or broken. We really do appreciate your support in this area.

Mobile phones are not permitted in school

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